Art in all of us

A wonderful project by Anthony Asael from Belgium, who has created a marvellous book with pictures of children from every country in the world. Inspiring.

Harry Mitsidiss

Harry Mitsidis is one of the best travelled people in the world, and in this site he presents almost 30.000 of his photos, organised by destination.sdfsdfsd

Artur Anuszewski

Web site of Polish world traveller, writer and photographer Artur Anuszewski.

Jeff Shea

Website of world traveller and explorer Jeff Shea, who has come up with the SISO method of dividing the world into parts.

Lee Abbamonte

Lee Abbamonte is the youngest American to travel to every country in the world, and is very close to being the youngest person to complete the entire TCC list of 321 places...

Wee Cheng

The best travelled Singaporean, Wee Cheng's website gives a profile of this traveller's experiences in 200+ countries he has visited.

Jorge Sanchez

Jorge Sanchez is the best travelled man in Spain and one of the big travel legends around. Author of many books in Spanish - some translated into English - he finished the world countries in 2003. . His project 'Viajeros Notables' gives credit to many of the travellers who have truly been around.

Nuno Lobito

A photographer by profession, Nuno Lobito achieved his aim of finishing the countries of the world in 2011. A native of Portugal with a modern, appealing and rich website that will spark the imagination of any visitor.

Wojciech Dabrowski

Mr Dabrowski from Gdansk has also travelled to every world nation and has written books in his native country. A tireless, idealistic traveller who does not appreciate sites with 'points' because he believes in the love of travel for its own value.

Andre Brugiroux

The simple nature of the website should not detract from the fact that Andre Brugiroux is one of the legends of modern travel, having been in many publications and written books of his own.

Emilio Scotto

To the best of the knowledge we are able to gather, Argentinian Emilio Scotto is the only Latin American to have been to every country in the world. He holds the Guiness record for having had the longest journey ever made on a man on a motorcycle. Born in 1954, he is a legend in his home country.

Nomad Revelations

A young traveller from Portugal whose interestingly detailed pages and nicely designed site are a true pleasure to look through. Focuses especially on some offbeat African and former Soviet places.

Where the Hell is Matt?

This hilarious, in some ways site, is about an American called Matt whose aim is to do a weird dance wherever he goes. Whatever you think of this project, for sure it's a great way to sponsor his travels...

Travel Junkie Julia

Julia from the UK has made travelling her living through her own shoes, and has been to more than 80 countries. As she says, she is not afraid to get her hands dirty, drink some cobra blood or break a nail...

Jose Megre

Jose Megre (1942-2009) was one of the greatest travellers of all time. He visited every country in the world except Iraq, but beyond that his overland travel of almost 3 million kilometers is enviable. His website provides a breakdown of the kilometers he did per country. No longer with us, he will nonetheless never be forgotten...

Don Parrish

Don Parrish from the United States is one of the world's best travelled, and his website, which focuses heavily on his travel but also community achievements, has many valuable travel reports, also organised by year.

Sabino Antuna

Sabino from Spain is one of the travellers who have really been around the world and through his website we see a lot of his life philosophy. While travelling will not make your life longer, he muses, it can make it 'wider'. How true.

Magda and Mariusz Majewski

Magda and Mariusz from Poland travel together ever since they met; Mariusz completed all the countries of the world in early 2012. Their colourful and fun website is a testament to the joyful people they must be. They have added Maja to the famlily and doubtless she will soon be a global traveller herself!

Chris Guillebeau 'The Art of Non Conformity'

Not only a travel site, 'The Art of Non Conformity' is a quirky, well-designed and intelligent collection of many ideas, most of which relate to Chris' effort to visit all the countries in the world. Interesting and thought-provoking.

Marek Kaminski

This page is mainly in Polish but serves a good cause as it advertises a foundation aimed for the disabled, created by its founder whose journeys to the Poles, and crossing Greenland have made him a true world traveller.

Babis Bizas

The Most Traveled Man on Earth, claims Babis Bizas from Greece. His site organises photos from this global traveller's exploits while also having some interview and link material.

Sascha Grabow

One of the best travelled Germans, Sascha's blog is interesting with bits and pieces from his travels, and his recent extension as a travel organizer also.

Luis Filipe Gaspar

Luis Filipe has a nicely designed site in his native Portuguese as well as English, with some nicely written articles, a country listing and of course some winning photographs.

Michael Runkel

This German travel photographer truly has some divine images in his presentation. Go to the 'galleries' and take your pic - the portraits section comes very highly recommended!

Peter and Kay Forwood

Around the whole world in a Harley Davidson is quite an undertaking, and this brave couple have achieved it. For every country, there is a write-up of the experience, a small map of the exploit and a photo of the bike in question in the place. Well done!

A great site from a traveller who has been travelling on and off for twenty years to almost 100 countries. He has a lot of great photographs from all over the world and many interesting bits and pieces. A must.

Wandering Trader

Interesting articles, a good sense of humour and an incredible fan base seem to be the ingredients to this entertaining personal travel site of Marcello who day trades and travels the world, as he puts it.

Historias de nuestro planeta

Personal site of Antonio Aguilar, a frequent collaborator of our website, travelling independently to off the beaten path places around the world.

Sharing is everything

Personal site of the hungarians Lora & Evgeni, where with breathtaking pictures and motivating texts they share their unusual around the world adventure.

Viajando por ahí

Argentinian young traveller Aniko Villalba spends a long time on the road. The impressive galleries of pictures as well as her written thoughts are a must read.

Acrobat of the road

Argentinian hitchhiker motivating trips. Read him either waiting to hitch your ride from Ireland to Thailand through Afghanistan, or joining Ushuaia with Alaska. Adventure is granted.

444 km

Can the world be discovered without planes? That's what this Swedish guy is doing and sharing in his site. An entire around the world journey by hitchhiking (and boat-hitching!). if you want to read a different way of travelling, this may be a good starting point.

Aspiring nomad

When the first piece of news you get on a website is that its creators Jason and Jennifer have been on the road for around 5000 days, there is not much to add to attract further attention. The galleries of pictures are worth a look.

Gentleman adventurer

Take the idea of travelling to exotic places in jeans out of your head. The creator of this website shows how elegance and travelling can go together, by recounting his trips to dangerous destinations never forgetting his tie.

Heinz Stücke

No other cyclist can compare to Heinz, with over 50 years of non-stop travelling the world by bike. The volume of the adventures in weird locations shared in his site is truly amazing.

Come back alive

A truly inspiring, not to mention scary, site to the most dangerous places on Earth. Read from sharing the routine with the colombian guerrillas to leading troops in Afghanistan, or venturing into remote jungles. Mouth watering adventures...

Enlazador de mundos

Young spanish traveller sharing his thoughts on a more than inspiring hitchhiking around the world voyage, lasting over 1000 days, mixing with locals and living weird experiences.

Mis viajes por ahí

Group of young spanish travellers sharing impressions, thoughts and breathtaking pictures of their tryps around the world. The freshness and nature of their texts feels like sharing a drink with them while reading.

Transaharian travel

Website of a spanish handcraft trader, who twice a year travels overland from Europe to the Guinea Gulf, covering the whole Sahara and Sahel, and having become an expert in that area. His stories, reflexions and overall, pictures, are of a superlative human quality.

Under the Open Sky, formerly known as Views of the Month and View of the Day, is a photoblog consisting of Niklas Sjöblom's photos taken mostly in Helsinki, the seaside capital of Finland, during the years 2002-2007. The blog holds one picture for each day until April 2004, after which a various amount of photos have been published every month. All in all this photoblog contains about 1500 pictures. The oldest pictures are available only in the Finnish browsers and the slideshows, without English captions.

Kinga Freespirit

Although unfortunately Kinga passed away, her legend is still more than alive. Her natal house is a final destination of a hitchhiking pilgrimage that takes place every year, and her website, even if not with and ultimate design, is much more than a source of inspiration.

Roman Brühwiler

Site of this Swiss traveller where you can read of his last voyage, covering all the UN countries in only one year. Travelling fast may need a new definition!

Camels and chocolate

Well designed website with plenty of information, personal entries, pictures, videos and reflexions on destinations all over the world byvtravel writer Kristin Luna.

Canada's adventure couple

Personal site of a Canadian couple offering their thoughts on their voyages all over the globe.

Uncornered market

"Measuring the foot with our feet" is the slogan used by this creative couple who abandoned their 'safe' jobs in Prague to travel all around the world and sharing their impressive pictures, adventures, videos and thoughts in this site.

Go see write

When you decide to leave your conventional life and go around the world without taking a plane, writing the experience down is a must. That's what you'll find in this site. And beyond that trip, the adventure continues...

Dangerous business

Despite being young, this woman brilliantly writes her travelling experiences around the world on her well designed site.

The happy explorer

Seeing the world through his camera lenses complements Keith's Velvet Escape written blog. For sure quirky and thought provoking.

Trajinando por el mundo

Carmen is a smiling active young Spaniard that travels intensively all around the world, living a semi-nomadic life. Read her around the world adventures and reflexions in her well designed website.

El rincón de Sele

Personal site of this well known Spanish traveller, explaining in extreme details his trips to all continents with precious pictures and videos. Read his adventures entering the DMZ in Korea or travelling without a ticket back home the american continent.