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Users - 643

Do you believe NomadMania should continue its newsletters twice a month or given the current climate do you feel this is inappropriate?
547 - continue as is
97 - inappropriate in current climate

Has the outbreak affected your travel plans ?
616 - yes
28 - no

At present, I am
168 - in self-isolation not going out
426 - in semi self-isolation, only going out for basic tasks
35 - living my life as usual
15 - travelling

Taking everything into consideration (design, functionality, features etc) do you prefer the new or the old version of NomadMania?
448 - new version
196 - old version

Feel free to add anything regarding either the new version of NomadMania or the coronavirus outbreak, in the latter case especially what travel plans were affected and/or if you're still travelling, where and how.

2020-03-27 Kristin Volsky

I was travelling in the Gulf when Coronavirus struck and the first part of my plans cancelled were my flights to Iran. After three months of planning and sorting visas and tours as I am travelling on my Canadian passport, this was very disappointing but I was determined to keep travelling as it wasnt really affecting anywhere else. So I went to Bangladesh instead, then borders started to close in the Gulf region, followed by my flight out of Bangladesh being cancelled which started my trip back to my country of birth to ride out the storm. With airlines raising prices astronomically I began my week long, 6 flight, adventure to Canada. Luckily I made it, but I had 6.5 months left on my trip. Now I'm fighting to get paid back two of my three prebooked flight tickets from the original booking agents- even though the airlines have confirmed for me in writing the airlines have issued full refunds to the booking agents (Edreams and Travelgenio) and accommodations in Paris (thankfully Booking is dealing with this and a full refund is promised). While I do have travel insurance, which I could claim- my insurance should not have to pay if the booking agents have been fully refunded by the airlines. Hoping to rise out the wave and get back to travelling to salvage at least a bit of the trip.

2020-03-27 Bram de Bruin

Old version is better because it works better. New version often gives errors!

2020-03-27 Samer Kawar

Had to cancel short trip to Spain last week. Next trip was to be to the Tokyo Olympics in July, and so waiting to see what to do with that now that it has been postponed, as I already have tickets for several matches!

2020-03-27 Frank J Britton

Had booked to travel Algeria 1 April. Now moved to mid May as visa expires early June. Air France re booked flights at no extra cost. Embassy in London however won't give extension beyond original 3 months which is very unfair in the circumstances. Keep up the great work on NM.

2020-03-27 Alex DeVenne

In regards to the newsletter, please keep it going! A lot of us are going crazy being grounded in one place, reading travel stories is a nice escape. The new version of Nomad Mania is excellent, it really has increased the professionalism of the website, and the map looks beautiful. One thing I do miss however is being able to see how many people have been to a territory when clicking on it. Further to this, it would be nice to see a comprehensive list of regions based on how visited they are.

2020-03-27 Carsten Fister

We just came from the Seychelles today, having stayed there as long as possible until the flights home became quite scarce. We had planned several short trips for the next months (Calais and Bohemia in April, Rome in May, Algiers in June) which we will have to cancel or postpone due to the coronavirus outbreak. For the second half of 2020 we still hope that our Danube cruise in September (13 regions/9 countries in 16 days!) will 'survive'. Making reliable travel plans has suddenly become almost impossible! Regarding question 4: I chose the old version because it works much better technically. I really love the look and feel of the new version, but it still has to many problems on mobile devices and the new map is much too cluttered with place names. But I hope for the future! ;-)

2020-03-27 Eduardo Pérez Canelón

When I select a regions, I can't mark the series of the region anymore. I can only mark series in the series page. This feature should come back to the new version.

2020-03-27 Piotr Wasil

Series is not selectable, when adding trips all regions are marked as Good Visit and cannot be changed. I like graphics more in the new version but please remove bugs quickly.

2020-03-27 Jorge Vela

In the old version I could check the series items in the area zone. In the new version, it's not possible, at the moment.

2020-03-27 James Coyne

I had previously been put off from joining NomadMania even though I love the concept but now with the new design I really prefer it and am enjoying the website and community.

2020-03-27 Yves Schaack

Please go on with the newsletter. It brings hope for better times! Great work on the new site! Cheers from convined Luxembourg, Yves

2020-03-28 Jonathann Gougnon

A trip to Namibia planned for April had to be postponed to a year from now.

2020-03-28 Les Farris

I am currently following the path of what I believe to be a good citizen and staying home with family, only going out for basic needs, working from home, etc. Some recent planned trips were cancelled/suspended due to travel restrictions and some trips in the near short term might be need to be cancelled and/or suspended due to traveling restrictions. This is an unfortunate time for all, but I believe we should still try to live life as close to normal as possible. Bottom line, as soon as I can travel again I will, its an important part of my life. The news letters are nice to read, with that in mind, please continue, if possible, imo. I love the website and will continue to use it, please keep up the great work! Les

2020-03-28 Wander Lust

I plan to travel again. Any travels I had planned during this time will be rescheduled once it’s possible.

2020-03-28 Steve Newcomer

Whether you continue the newsletter should be entirely up to you and your staff. I found the old version of the website easier to navigate and understand -- but that's just me. I've lost thousands of dollars in non-refundable travel costs for the upcoming months -- many damn airlines and cruises only want to give partial credits to be used by the end of 2020 -- and who's to say we'll be able to travel later this year? Especially if this pandemic and resulting border closures continue 18-24 months until there's a vaccine. On the other hand, my money losses are nothing compared to the people who are dying, including one friend who just died today. Now I'm just trying to stay healthy myself! Suddenly travel seems almost like a selfish luxury. Sigh.

2020-03-28 Charles R. da Cruz Silva

Gosto das duas versões. Se puder mantenha as duas.

2020-03-28 Aleksandr Midyutov

I'm having a road trip around national parks of USA. Because of coronavirus some of the parks are getting closed. There is a difficulty in finding couchsurfing hosts, but still possible. I don't mind redesigns in general unless functionality remain the same level or increase. In case of NM the functionality was reduced. For example, can't change visit date and status on a region page. There were many bugs as well but I see now they almost disappear.

2020-03-28 Max Maximov

In the new version, there is a bug when sometimes (I could not get the pattern) I set the region status different from good visit, it still appears as good visit. Then, I go to the editor and see the status I originally set, press save and the status changes to good visit back again. When I switch to the old version, I see the correct value.

2020-03-28 Christian (Kris) Eitzinger

The new version of NomadMania do not work very well. I would prefer the old version, if this would be possible.

2020-03-28 Alan Shrives

The new version does not work properly, viewing profiles never completes. If it worked as intended, it would be better than the old version.

2020-03-28 Massimiliano Reginelli

the new version is fine, the only issue is the fact that I cannot include the miniseries sightseeing from the region itslef but I have to go on the countries list and select the countries I am interested to. How can I be an authenticated person?

2020-03-28 Sascha Grabow

Some features of the new site, like count update, still don't work

2020-03-28 Ivan Lukyanov

The new version of the website is user-unfriendly. Please, make it possible to tick my Series from the page of a region!

2020-03-28 David Botts

Just came off a 20 day cruise in which 7 ports were cancelled and we were forced to cancel and reschedule flights out of South Africa. Cunard cancelled our April cruise around Japan and my partner now refuses to cruise this year, so our September cruise is in limbo. So far losses from Corona amount to about $2,700 less 25-75% discounts for future cruises (which may, or may not, be used).

2020-03-28 Eki Siivonen

I had to return home earlier than planned from The Gambia.

2020-03-28 Matthew Badolato

Due to the outbreak, I had to cancel a trip to Marrakesh planned for last week. And a trip to Copenhagen booked for July may be in doubt. Of course, cancelled travel plans pale in significance when so many have their health and livelihoods at risk. I'm hopeful we can get past this crisis soon and look forward to travelling once it becomes safe to do so again. As for the website, it's obvious a lot of hard work has gone into updating and improving it. I visit frequently because it really inspires me when planning or taking trips. Thanks to everyone at Nomad Mania for all you do and keep up the wonderful job. Take care and be safe! Matthew B

2020-03-28 Oleg Klymentyev

Cancelled 2 booked trips. New version is more cumbersome, and less informative: less info on pages, requires more clicks and scrolling - no good. To get the point just compare the old Series page, where all series are listed with details, with the new. Limiting rankings to 20 per page was also bad idea.

2020-03-28 Steve Lekkas

It is harder to update individual sites in each region with the new version. It doesn’t seem to work as smoothly.

2020-03-28 Emili Xaus i Pruna

One interesting thing will be you can click over one country and appears all the information about it for visiting and planning (series) if there are any fixer ... other thing if it's possible to see all your world map entire, now is impossible, you need to do it a little bit smaller.

2020-03-28 Victoria Kundin

Couple comments: Why did you cancel WHS count? It was one of the most funny features. It's for sure much more interesting that KYE. If it's a final decision why this column (I mean WHS) is still present in master ranking? There are many travelers in the world who are double citizens. Why not to add the second flag in their profile? And respectively include that second country when you searching best travelers from this country? And finally why not to create an explanation how verification system works for NM regions? May be even create a button so people can start process of voluntary verification?

2020-03-28 Gina Morello

The corona virus outbreak definitely interrupted my plans to finish my 193 in Q2 of this year in addition to other plans that i had. I currently have 4 countries left to viist for 193 - Cape Verde, Nigeria, Mozambique and Namibia. I had to cancel Cape Verde in April while Mozambique and Namibia i was planning for June and that seems unlikely at this point. I also had a 15 day trip in South Sudan in March which was canceled the day before departure. I also had to cancel a couple quick trips to London and Paris in April. With all the uncertainty I would not be surprised if I had to postpone my remaining 4 countries until the end of the year or perhaps next year. I suppose many countries will keep their borders closed to keep the infection rates low. We will see what happens...

2020-03-28 Arthur Dent

No International travel anymore, but discovering a lot "at home", which means daytrips in Germany, as far as possible

2020-03-28 Karl-Heinz Beulke Moreno

Please keep the newsletter as the travel stories are interesting. Just focus on trips from before the pandemics or experience from travellers trying to get home as encouraging travelling right now is probably not the right thing. Once this is over, I hope to read about new trips again. Take care - stay safe!

2020-03-28 Jazz Exel

With regard to question 4: I'm not yet adjusted to it, but it surely has potential. More importantly my context on question 1: a newsletter is always for the better. The crux is what to include in the newsletter and what kind of travel message Nomad Mania wants to bring across. One can give it a more informational perspective for a post-COVID-19 age, or the enjoy-the-things-closeby kinda thing, for example. But continuing the newsletter would be good in my opinion.

2020-03-28 Yuzhou Yan

I planned to travel to Europe (Amsterdam, Brussels, Luxembourg, Ruhr Valley, Geneva and Mont Blanc) from March 20 to 29, but now the entire thing is cancelled. I am scheduled to go on student exchange from April to July in Tokyo, Japan. Now I am in Tokyo but the semester will be conducted mostly online.

2020-03-29 Steve Buckley

Planned Tehran to Almaty over the Easter holiday. Now waiting to get refunds/credits from the airlines. Nothing booked for July. Probably go to the UK and then Europe in December - if it's all finished by then.

2020-03-29 Noth Signs

COVID-19 has virtually stopped all USA travel. Until a vaccine is available this will severely hamper free travel as we knew it.

2020-03-29 Connor Herman

New version of nomadmania - I found it completely unusable on mobile (iPhone X on Chrome). I wasn't able to easily navigate anywhere or add trips. There should be a mobile-first version of this site, especially since I imagine travelers would like to update their pages on-the-go. Travel plans - ski trip around the US and Canada. All ski resorts closed and Canada shut its borders.

2020-03-29 Ben Dowson

There were some problems with the new version - in particular, it was impossible to enter "Transit" and "Minimal" visits because the system kept defaulting to "Good" visit. This has now been fixed, though..... many thanks! But I think I still prefer the old version. I don't like being able to enter a region as visited directly on the map of the region, which was possible to do in the old version. Could you maybe keep the old version for those of us who prefer it? Cheers!

2020-03-29 Raini Svensson

I think its sad that the new version doesn't show the number of travellers who visited the region and would love the same feature for the series, like how many visited the eiffel tower.

2020-03-29 Bart Lapers

I can't seem to find the option anymore to get a UN Master list per country. (e.g. List of the top travellers from Belgium)

2020-03-29 Julian K

good to continue the newsletters with sensitivity to the current situation, as reading about travel is of course a important form of mental escapism, especially for our members, which all of us can use in these dire times...

2020-03-29 Hanna K.

The design of the new version is much clearer, but the colours are too bright for me. A darker version would be great for my eyes. But my main problem is than I cannot use many features. I was not able to change my trip, do anything on "my regions" or simply change my settings. Therefore I'm forced to stick to the old version. I was in Malaysia when it went into lockdown and made the decision to return home. It was already getting difficult back then, with all the closed transits and stopped flights. It turned out that Emirates stopped flying a few days after I made it home, so Im glad I didnt wait any longer. I still believe that Im quite lucky with my German passport. If everything would have closed, perhaps I could have taken one of the flights offered by the government. I met travellers who just couldn't get into there home country and even struggled to get back to their home continent. The backpacker community is sticking together, but there are problems that you cant solve on that level. Im also worried about the role of travellers in countries with a weak medical infrastructure. We can spread the disease to people that cannot afford medical care or use ressources for ourselves that could have been used in a better way. I hope that in the end we do more good than harm, but I'm not so sure about this at the moment..

2020-03-29 Alain Esseiva

I just signed up so will need to get into it

2020-03-29 Thom Horlings

The new version still has some basic disfuntions and doesn't work properly yet. Especially the map. But im sure this will improve !

2020-03-29 al al

Thanks for new design But can you highlight country borders on the map (now countries borders and regions borders have the same thickness which makes a bit more difficult for fast navigation)? E.g. countries borders: 2px, regions borders: 1px

2020-03-29 Konstantin Romashov

The only disadvantage I found in the new version of NomadManis is that the number of nomads visited one certain region is not displayed anymore on the region's page

2020-03-29 Thomas Knob

ad new version: If you add something new in a serie it is essential that one need not go through the entire list to find the new item. That would take so much time! So please mark it in red like in the old version or similar. Furthermore it would be nice, if the many, many sites would be arranged in an order, which is easy to unterstand. (For instance whithin the countries according to states or towns or regions etc. - as it is in many cases, but not in all.) Sometimes (because of the english translation of the site) it is not easy to detect, what site is meant. But more than all: Thank you for your great efforts! Thomas / Vienna

2020-03-29 Francesco Martinelli

I like the new version of the website basically for its design, which i believe is improved: for example the personal map is better at showing the visited regions, and i also prefer the new layout of the homepage. But the new version brought some problems, for example i was not able to read the last interview. Also the travellers chart sometimes gives me issues, and i still don't understand the sentence about the travellers with at least 40 NM regions, since i can see them all, also the ones with 11 regions. By the way, i think that, once all the problems will be solved, the new version will surpass the old one. About the virus, my travel plans were affected because i was planning a trip through eastern Europe for this summer, but i don't know if i will be able to do it, it will depend on the development of the situation, since here in Italy we have not the permission to go out of house, with little exceptions. I take the opportunity to thank you for this wonderful website.

2020-03-29 Viacheslav Soloviov

Извините, буду писать на русском, переводчик в помощь Новая версия конечно КРАСИВАЯ и действительно визуально хорошая Я хочу чтоб сайт внешне был таким, но функционально старая версия лучше Данные я вбиваю именно в старой, там это почему то делать удобнее Удобнее отмечать серии в регионах (они зачеркиваются если в нх помечаете) И самое главное они компактнее. В новой версии список серий в регионе очень растянут, сделайте это как-то компактнее, возможно раскрывающим списком или просто просто подумайте о другой логике отображения

2020-03-29 Eugene Kolodinski

I choose the new version, it works several times faster, but I miss one thing from the old one: current location, like „last seen .... “

2020-03-29 Jan Lisiecki

Not traveling beyond trips by car from my home (Calgary, Canada) where I don't have to stay overnight... NM version - I like HTML5 as much as the next guy, but I also like an easy, light website that loads quickly in sub-optimal internet conditions. Something in-between the two versions would be ideal.

2020-03-30 Shihe Huang

Cruise ship, Ushuaia --Tristan da Cunha --Cape Town; St. Helena

2020-03-30 Anthony Simpatico

I prefer the new version EXCEPT for that fact that there's no feature to "hide all visited/not visited" on the series, which I really liked in the old version. So, I find myself going back to the old version just for that. Also, I think an option to add a friends list should be incorporated down the line

2020-03-30 Benjamin Brown

Haven't seen the new version yet, so ignore answer for Q4.

2020-03-30 Daniel Valchovník

On my mobile Iphone 11 pro max, full new version not functioning well

2020-03-30 David Hansen

I was on a work trip in India and had planned a couple weeks of travel after the contract ended, but had to leave after one week due to the situation at home in the US, luckily managed to leave a few days before India shut down international flight routes.

2020-03-30 Federico Pappalardo

I still haven't explored the new version of the website, but the first impression is great!

2020-03-30 F K

Add credits for virtual tours / videos. Visiting 193 countries is expensive and tedious, so it makes sense to visit some favourite countries in person and to mark other countries as video-visited.

2020-03-30 Mirco Siegenthaler

Amazing work, thank you!

2020-03-31 Peter Giovannini

its is sad that some features were skipped. I feel the old version had more information about single destinations - as I used NomadMania not only to keep the track of my journeys but also to prepare for a trip by checking what options NomadMania offered to click... our family trip was rudely interrupted by "the Virus". It was a parents-children-journey. From Vienna to Abu Dhabi for a couple of days, perfect, going on to the Seychelles for two weeks, lovely, step on a cruise ship to Crete - the cruise ended after seven days incertainity in Dubai. Quickly I managed to book four seats in a plane to Vienna for March 17th, so we came home right in time before all the airlines were grounded and borders closed... by the way: the "family trip" means Gaby and me and my parents aged, 86 and 94 :-)

2020-03-31 Troels Pedersen

continue newsletter unless there is nothing to write about

2020-03-31 Tom Brown

New version is SO slow. Maybe better now, but was almost unusable when I first tried 2 or 3 weeks ago

2020-03-31 Christopher Oung

Although not going out - staying in & following the UK government guidelines, I am a key worker (police support) and continue to travel to & from work

2020-03-31 Erik Futtrup

I think there are so many basic functions that are not working in the new version if you are using a mobile phone - which I am basically doing all the time while travelling. The number one function is the 'locate me' and show what is in this specific region I'm in. If I go through several menu-items and find the location, I can't see which items I have visited - I see all items the same - they are not striken through like previusly. This should be the highlighted item like before both on web and mobile version - the search for a region (with locate me)

2020-03-31 Ruben Arnal

Planning to walk Camino de Santiago in Spain, just post-poned until all this pass by.

2020-03-31 Samuel Ovenall

Currently living temporarily in Swedish Lapland. Had plans to fly to Stockholm early April and meet family who would've been visiting from the UK and had further plans to fly via Istanbul to Johannesburg for a wedding at the end of April and spend 2-3 weeks in May driving around South Africa, Mozambique, Eswatini and Lesotho before flying on to Munich to spend time with girlfriend's family in Germany. Was also going to London in June for the Euros...

2020-03-31 Bengt Hildebrand

as soon as I learned the features of the old version it all changed ;-)

2020-03-31 Arttu Kuukankorpi

I've had already four trips cancelled because of the travel restrictions and cancelled flights

2020-03-31 Michael Ballard

Travel is built on dreams. In order to do it, we must first dream it. So this is the perfect time to do some serious dreaming, and I'm thankful that I have NM to help with that. My 18-year-old son was set to take his first extended solo trip this summer, but that's been canceled. And our scuba diving trip to Bonaire is now doubtful.

2020-03-31 Rambling Man

5 trips cancelled so far

2020-03-31 Danielle Gooding

Thanks for letting me join.

2020-04-01 Christof Lochner

the new version is great work - especially the design; what is missing: the possibility to "collect" sights, cities,... directly in the region´s description site - so it´s more complicated now to see, what one has already visited nevertheless: Thank you for the work for the new version - the site really looks good!

2020-04-01 Joshua K

I’m currently stranded in Papua, Indonesia due to a provincial lockdown that was implemented with no advance warning. I had planned to abort my trip and return to the US (especially since I’m set to begin my medical residency next month). However, I was forced to miss my flight home from Jakarta. As the airports and seaports are closed and well-guarded, there are currently no viable transportation options to anywhere. Being the remote destination it is, there’s unfortunately no hope of getting out anytime soon. I would also like to say that I really appreciate all Nomad Mania has to offer. Personally, I believe it enriches the travel experience more so than any other organization out there. Cheers and stay safe!

2020-04-01 Alexander Kraskov

In the old version there was a button "discover" which used my location to show all things from all lists for my current location. It was the best every feature to visit new regions. Also region page in the old version was more useful from my point of view.

2020-04-01 Rainer Roesky

I had to come back from India on the last plane out before they closed the country. Since then in Germany in imposed semi self-isolation not because of the trip but because this is the rule for everybody.

2020-04-01 Emir Kasah

good job in the new version development, hopefully more functionality in the old version can be incorporated in the new version!

2020-04-01 Vladimir Chilingirov

In general, the new version looks better, but I miss the functionality to see which series are updated recently and which are the added items. I haven't used the new version a lot though, so maybe it's too early for me to tell which one is better.

2020-04-01 Danay Bustamante

I was supposed to spend 3 months traveling in the Middle East (April-June) and already had all planned, contacts, people to share some trips with, etc. Fortunately nothing payed. Very sad situation. Now just waiting at my family's place as I didn't have a place to go back, everything is rented for the whole year as I was supposed to be traveling full time :-(

2020-04-01 Andrey Melnychenko

Due to the outbreak of coronavirus, my immediate plans to visit Japan and South Korea have been canceled ((

2020-04-02 yigit kurt

It looks so fresh and awesome thank you

2020-04-02 Lauri Laine

The most important feature for me is the map. In new version during the first week it didn't work at all, since then I haven't visited the site. Old version map was also pretty slow and did't load properly too often. Fast map which also loads series locations properly would be ideal. I use both mac and windows and several browsers and haven't noticed any major differences between those. What comes to corona outbreak, no one should be traveling right now or coming months, maybe not even this year. It would be very irresponsible to promote travel during the peak of corona outbreak.

2020-04-02 Ron Perrier

Seeing the remainder of the lower 48 of USA traveling in a truck/camper so self isolated as eat and sleep 100% of time in vehicle. Most NM sites closed (museums etc) so seeing regions, cities, towns, XL, hospitality legends, waterfalls, religious monuments, pedestrian bridges --- not much else. Not sure what will happen in states with stay at home orders but should still get about 20 new regions. Takes a while to learn to navigate site. Like that reorganized fixers by country. Still need to expand World of Nature to include more than national parks

2020-04-02 Leanne van Zessen

I think it is okay to talk about travel, as long as it is clear (and I am sure you will make it clear) that no one of NomadMania is travelling now and discourages this (aside from the fact that it is nearly impossible, even within the Schengenzone). I believe the people that join NomadMania are smart enough to know this too and help flatten the curve:) It makes me still happy to read on previous special travels, because we can still be inspired by different destinations that we want to travel after all of this is over. Keep self-isolating and take care! Greetings from a semi-lockdowned Netherlands.

2020-04-02 Juha Kokkonen

I am working on merchant ship and getting from one place to another. Recently from Oman to Tanzania. Between old and new Nomadmania I liked more the old version with its colour scheme as well as simple and more recognisable Series images.

2020-04-02 Terry L Johnson

We ended our last trip 2 weeks early, flying home from Brazil. We had plans, but not reservations, for travel in the US and Canada in the spring and Northern Europe in the fall; we have that all on hold.

2020-04-02 Harsh Sinha

All travel plans put on hold indefinitely. Was aiming to become the youngest to 50 states and 100 countries by July but given everything it will probably have to be put off until September 2020 if not later.

2020-04-02 Gene R Johnson

I am concerned with the future of our travel, thus am very interested in articles detailing how the more adventurous nomads are planning to travel.

2020-04-03 Artur Ferreira

As for the new version of the site, I prefer the old one, because with the new one I'm always having trouble accessing the pages. The affected travels, three weeks in the United States in April and June, a trip through Algeria and Tunisia. In response to the pandemic, I think that in June everything will calmly begin to normalize. Best Regards

2020-04-03 Tor Anders Birkenes

Travelplans for this and next month to Africa and Stan countries cancelled due to coronavirus.

2020-04-03 Katherine McKenzie

This is my first time logging in. I just made an account....

2020-04-04 Iris R.

I would love an app so that you can better access the info while travelling

2020-04-04 Vyacheslav Firsov

Thanks a lot for your efforts.

2020-04-04 Charles Veley

Looks like a planned trip to Algeria with Harry will have to be postponed :)

2020-04-04 Alen Safranko

I really like your upgraded website. Hope you are doing well. Stay safe! Till the next journey!

2020-04-05 Jörg Werda

skipped travels: easter vacation, and (what's really sad) Old- and Youngtimer-Rallye from Hamburg, via Turkey, Georgia, Iran, Turkmenistan, Usbekistan, Mongolia to Wladiwostok

2020-04-05 Craig Harder

All my plans were effected and waiting impatiently for my World to return!

2020-04-05 Phillips Connor

I guess that I feel "lucky" to be stranded in Singapore and "benefit" from the "over-management" of things. Yet I'm still feeling trapped, like many of us these days, with all possibility of travel removed for months. For those of us here, perhaps the "feeling" is a bit more claustrophobic than others, due to the extremely small size of our island, and "nowhere to go!" However, I must certainly recognize that it's inappropriate to even think about whinging these days - I feel deeply for the many others with real and immediate hardships now and upcoming . . .

2020-04-05 Stacy Siivonen

I had booked a flight to Prague and also I had plans to travel internally in Finland. Well, I cannot travel internationally, because both countries are in lockdown. I cannot travel domestic either, when the public traffic has been drastically reduced.

2020-04-05 Steve Ryder

A trip I planned trip to Azerbaijan, Georgia and Armenia in May has been postponed until May 2021

2020-04-05 Joe Birch

I recommended a feature for NomadMania previously regarding being able to have a 'plan' map, that would be for only personal viewing. You could plan in future trips and see what regions it covers. What I was thinking is, say you've planned a trip across a certain country, perhaps you realise that a minor detour would mean you can see an additional region. In regards to Covid-19, I've had to cancel a trip around Ireland, and it looks like we'll be cancelling a trip to Thessaloniki, Greece, and Sofia, Bulgaria due in May.

2020-04-05 Flor Vallejo

I think it's faster. Like that! :)

2020-04-05 Truls Brekke

When travelling in countries with poor internet, the new site means a lot of irritation and that I have used other sites for information than NoamdMania. The new version takes too long to upload and has been dysfunctional on the phone, which is the main platform when I travel.

2020-04-05 Filip Maksan

New version: good that you've made series accessible also from regional sites!

2020-04-06 Tim Foufas

I visit the site typically on iPad and neither version works ideally. At some point it would be nice to have locations hyperlinked to that locations webpage or google map. For example, I’ve been to so many museums but don’t remember names. A lot easier if I can confirm location by a hyperlink rather than having to alway copy and search. I do enjoy the newsletters.

2020-04-06 Willem S.

Wrote long text, sending gave error. Will not write again.

2020-04-06 Djordje Radinovic Kapralovic

My first travel to South America was affected, but I heard that medicine for corona is on the horizon and I hope that it will be able to travel after May 15. This situation is also more disturbing because of some people which became paranoic, as my opinion is that all we need is a reasonable precaution.

2020-04-06 Kari Mantysalo

This far I have found only one version. In it our (me and my wife Pirkko) MTP points are only 390. They should be 420, as in MTP list.

2020-04-06 Daniel Majchrowicz

I indicated that I am travelling, but in fact I'm in semi-isolation while abroad. It's not travel-as-usual, but it's also not at home.

2020-04-06 Michael Hoeffner

Answered new for #4 but have only logged in once since the update so I can't really say. Love that this site is available though. Keep up the great work!

2020-04-07 Laura Frank

My husband and I have come to accept we are no longer nomads, but are now expats. After 18 months of full time travel, we watched as the doors to the countries around us started to close. We had to make essential choices including, where did we want to be when we needed to stop moving? Now apparently, we live in Japan.

2020-04-07 Robert Luke

Had to cut short a planned 10-week trip by six weeks, axing stops in the Middle East and Europe because of canceled flights and lockdowns. But I was able to complete four weeks in rural areas of Rajasthan and Gujarat, including the Kutch desert. Might need to change travel strategy going forward, using shorter trips (up to 30 days) instead of the six to 10 weeks that I've been accustomed to. Shorter trips might allow me to be more flexible and make planning easier.

2020-04-07 Brian Johnson

I don't like change, even if it's better, until I get used to it, and thenI like it. Change is hard, but change is probably better, sometimes. :)

2020-04-07 Callie Dwyer


2020-04-08 Sham Sanoon

The one thing I miss in the new website is the thing on your profile where you could update to your present location. I found some satisfaction in doing this when I was on my travels and I quite miss that now. I have lots of short trips booked - I was supposed to go to Moldova, Transnistria & Ukraine in mid March but pulled out, which was lucky as my return flight was cancelled so I could have been stranded. A trip to Gibraltar this week was cancelled, one to Nice & Monaco next month probably too, and bookings to Minsk & Estonia in July / Aug are looking very dicey. I'm no full time traveller, I just travel for fun in my holidays after getting hooked by work travel earlier in life, and wanted to visit every country in Europe by the end of the year so I think that probably won' t happen now as I have 4 to go. First world problems but anyway! I'll be happy to be alive once this is over, truth be told.

2020-04-09 Redzuan Rahmat

Had to cancel April plans. Crossing fingers my August, November and December trips will not get affected. Take care NM folks!

2020-04-09 Jakob Øster

Great website. Good work. Thank you.

2020-04-09 Kevin Knight

Was about to go on an adventure holiday to Egypt, our first proper holiday in 6 months when it all kicked off! Now have major cabin fever instead!

2020-04-09 Marina Jevdokimova

for months i was obsessed with the idea of flying somewhere on february 29. i ended up going to riga in late february. now i realize i was really lucky because i don't know when i can travel again, especially to the eu. the new version doesn't work in spanish, otherwise it's fine i guess

2020-04-11 Dmitry Kuznetsov

the new version looks great, but not fixed till the end. for exmp some buttons begin with capitals other without.

2020-04-11 Denis Kalyupa

Hi there! My travel plan was affected by cancelling flights from Almaty. I planned to treavel toi Uzbekistan last March, but all arrangements were affeceted and finally cancelled. Moreover I planned my trip to Lithuania thia May which is also cancelled by airline. Im still trying to get my refunds from ticket agencies, but not yet.. Life is on..

2020-04-12 Christina Page

I only say old version because a few weeks ago I wasn't able to get the new version to load my map. Trying again today! We were a week away from a trip to Japan when we got the order to stay at home :( Singapore Airlines gave us a credit for our plane ticket which means we have a slight commitment to do another trip. Back on Nomad Mania today to wishfully brainstorm trips for late summer-fall.

2020-04-12 Costas Tavernarakis

NM: Too frequent breakdowns in the beginning, situation improving. Speed still an issue.

2020-04-12 Joel Ontheroad

Cancelled a month-long trip to China. Replaced it with a four-month campervan drive around Australia, which we also cancelled. Plus we cancelled a two week trip to various islands in the South Pacific. RE new vs old, I haven't used the new version much. I only used it for a few days when it first launched and it was excruciatingly slow and mostly didn't work. Will see how it goes now.

2020-04-13 Richard Baxter

The website functionality is still not as good as it could be and as most other sites are.

2020-04-13 Dirk Schaeffer

Will there be an iOS App like MTP soon?

2020-04-14 Johanna Strömberg

I find it disrespectful to travel at this time. Maybe you could find different topics for your newsletter, like travel related things to do at home. I myself have found time to reflect on why I actually travel and what in travel I really miss and what might not be as valuable

2020-04-14 Pablo Villoslada Puigcerber

Get a good UX designer already.

2020-04-14 francesco De florio

Sometimes the new version at the beginning we could not select the countries

2020-04-15 Adrian Sobral Galeti

At the new versuon it is harder to add places to your map

2020-04-15 Dr. Thomas E Muller

New version does not post the profile properly: no paragraph spacing, no opportunity to change the type face or font size for important headings. Everything in the profile looks squished together (compressed) which affects the readability for visitors. Also missing from the new version is the ability to see how a member ranks within a specific country--the home country. Not happy with the new version.

2020-04-16 Liisa Komulainen

I was in Colombia when the crisis started. Spirit airways was flexible and allowed me to change my flight Bogota-Los Angeles (that I had bought before) for a sooner one so I got out just before borders closed. Soon enough Norwegian cancelled my flight New York-Helsinki so here I am in California, laying low, hoping to be able to return home before my visa expires. Luckily in the US trains are considered essential service so I hope I will be able to move at least in some direction. How to get across the Atlantic, well - it remains to be seen!

2020-04-16 Jordi Maydeu

I haven't tried the new version yet

2020-04-17 Joel Oleson

My mind is traveling. I use my VR to travel to other planets while I'm in quarantine.

2020-04-18 Lourdes Odette Ricasa

I had a visa to South Sudan, Chad & CAR flight was departing from Lis Ángeles on March 17. Had to cancel because of imminent lock down. Now in quarantine.

2020-04-18 Artem Zakharov

I wish good luck to all of NomadManiacs!

2020-04-18 Dima P

It would be great to have an app with the same functionality

2020-04-20 Renata Sousa

I'm in self isolation but not in Portugal, where I live, but in Mexico, at my husband's house. I came here on holidays, while I was here I was fired (I was working as a flight attendant) and decided to stay here. Now I'm kind of stuck here as there are no Iberia flights back to Madrid and I can't spent more money finding a solution...

2020-04-20 Ahmed Gaafar

I had better expectations for the map in the new version but still there's room for improvement in terms of colors and appearance.

2020-04-20 Jan Peter

i miss the old versions regions progress bar in quick enter

2020-04-20 Антон Ротгольц

Please add to the lists of regions and countries division into parts of the world, as it was before.